Key Financial & Growth Performance

15% CAGR IN THE PAST 7 YEARS; PORTFOLIO GROWING STEADILY FROM 2,356 BEDS IN 2014 TO more than 6,300 beds in 2020
University and industry partnerships in more than 14 cities around the world

Our Competitive Edge

Access to Attractive Income Producing Portfolios

Invest in profit-generating portfolios in the world’s top education hubs with our global portfolios.

Aligned Investor-Manager Interests

We place high importance in the financial returns and it is evident with our profit growth of 21.4% from S$37.7 million in FY2018 to S$45.8 million in FY2019.

Growing Rental Rates for Higher Yield

For the key markets that we are in, the rental growth from 2017 to 2018 ranges between 2.4% and 16%, and this translates to higher return on yield.

Health & Safety and Legal Compliance

With our global accommodation management experience, our management works closely with local government agencies to ensure our properties are compliant to the local regulations.

Asset Enhancement for Asset Growth

We identify opportunities to grow the value of assets by enhancing the existing property.

Stringent Financial Management Process

Backed by dual-listed parent company, Centurion Corporation Limited, we have a strong financial management and process in place to ensure sound financial reporting.

Key Opportunities

AU – Growing Supply of Local and International Students Creates Rising Demand for PBSA

Historically within Australia the growth in students, both domestic and international, enrolled has outweighed the growth in PBSA – either halls provided by a University/Institution or by commercial providers. Taking future supply estimates into consideration, there still remains a significant shortfall in the supply of PBSA bedspaces across Australia.

SG – Prime Location Drives High Occupancy Rate

The prime location of dwell Selegie and its accessibility to multiple higher education institutions in the vicinity drives high occupancy rates. Demand for PBSA in the area is expected to remain strong, with international students hailing from over 20 countries globally.

UK – One of the Top Tertiary Education Markets in the World

The UK maintains as one of the top tertiary education markets in the world, with an expected further increase of 500,000 full-time university students by 2030.

Case Studies

About Centurion Corporation Limited

Our Parent Company

Centurion Corporation Limited is the only SGX-listed and SEHK-listed company offering investors exposure to the attractive workers and student accommodation sector. Centurion was listed on the SGX in 1995, and dual primary listed the SEHK on 12 December 2017. Within five years since 2014, Centurion’s diversified portfolio now comprises of 65,133 beds across 33 quality, purpose-built student and workers accommodation assets located in key markets all over the world.

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